Buy Using Investments

Buy Using Your IRA or 401K

You can use your IRA or 401K to purchase property in Mexico with no taxes or penalties

When Congress passed the laws setting up IRA’s and 401K’s they allowed you to also purchase real estate. The large banks and brokerage houses would not benefit from you purchasing real estate, so you never hear about that option. The banks and brokerage houses advertise the CD’s, Stocks, Mutual Finds, etc. that they handle, and no one talks about how to purchase real estate with these funds. As people have lost so much wealth in the market these last few years they are looking for other options.

It takes about 90 days to set up a real estate IRA and transfer your funds from your current IRA. It is a pretty simple transaction and not very expensive. There are a number of companies that will help you do this or you can buy the legal forms online and do it yourself. I used a company and the total cost was about $3,000 (paid from the IRA). Once it was set up I had total control of my money and could write a check and purchase property without asking anyone or waiting for a check.

There are some restrictions. You cannot buy a home for yourself and live in it. You can, however, buy a home and rent it our most of the year., then come down a few times a year and check on it and stay in it as you perform any maintenance. You are not required to rent it; you can buy and just hold it for a few years, but not as your primary residence. However, for about 6 months a year you can rent it and make a good income for your real estate IRA account and cover and maintenance expenses, all while the value of your property is appreciating.

I am available to help you set up your real estate IRA and find the right property for you along the Costalegre (Happy Coast) from Manzanillo to Costa Careyes.